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Ice Jet Executive

Now you're flying

Why Ice Jet Executive?

Our aspiration is, as our slogan implies, to make the task you give us as easy for you as possible regardless of whether it is a cargo or passenger flight.

Taking care of getting you there

We will structure and coordinate all of the minute details that must be in order before the aircraft can take to the skies, so as to minimize the trouble for you, the client.

Icejet Executive will always make sure that the flight is completed according to its client’s wishes, and we do not stop working until they are fulfilled.

Operational Control

In Norwegian there is an expression: “Å ha orden på sysakene”. This basically means “having ones sewing kit in order” and at Ice Jet Executive we like to know where our thread and thimble is at all times.

What this means for you as a client is that you can always expect us to finish our assignment without a hitch and with perfect results.

At Ice Jet Executive we like to know where our thread and thimble is at all times.

Safety and Responsibility

The responsibility for ensuring that all certificates, flight permits and insurances are valid and in accordance with the national civil aviation authority’s guidelines lie with the airline and operator.

That being said, we routinely carry out reference checks to further secure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Ice Jet Executive acts as an intermediary for numerous types of aircraft worldwide and we constantly keep our clients up to speed on which airlines/companies are involved.